Saturday, August 9, 2008

Rock it!

Here is the world's kewlest nerfew, GooberGrape, rockin' it. He is also known as AnnaBelle's Boyfriend & GabrielJophis..but he will always be GooberGrape to me!

I am saddened by the sudden death of Bernie Mac..God must have really needed him back at home.

I have much to do today..and am in no hurry to do it. Going to visit with the fam at Casa de Grammy, need to go to the grocery store, and bank...have a drop in this evening for my dear friend Suse and her new hubby!!

that's it for now..La'Fru out!

1 comment:

Tashahart said...

aww thanks sis..... miss you love you ... tell the family hi! love them and miss them