Thursday, July 3, 2008

In my head....

So I've been my head a lot this week..processing, processing, processing.

I had an awesome conversation with an intuitive on Sunday and got some insights on some stuff. I've been mulling that over.

One of the things she's recommended was getting some pieces of turquoise b/c it absorbs negative emotional energy. Well, I've come up empty in my endeavors but did go by Belladonna and found the kewlest hematite bracelet with pictures of the Saints on it. Props for the Catholic girl, woot! And it was only 6 bucks!!

Am reading The Secret and struggling with it's simplicity. I can't grasp that the Law of Attraction is responsible for life's happiness. Although, I will try it. It basically comes down to this: Thoughts become things..what you put out, you attract. If your pissy all the time, you're putting out negative energy..thus attracting negative energy. Perhaps that's really all there is to it....

I'm doing okay though...looking forward to traveling to Seattle in two weeks. Am bummed that I can't get down to Hilton Head to see the family for their last hurray on the beach. Gram is moving to Columbia for good at the end of the month and I'll be headed down to HHI next Thursday for a short trip to make my peace with the fact that HHI is no longer my special refuge. Yes, it's going to suck and I don't want to think about it.

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Tashahart said...

Yes it does suck. I wish you could make it! I'm so excited to go even if it will be my first and last it will be awesome.. but I think the best is yet to come! love you La'Fru !