Tuesday, April 29, 2008

"Cherry, cherry, I just don't know"

This, kids, is what happens, when I cannot sleep at night or I've gotten up to clean up a hairball and cannot go back to sleep.

I daydream about sweets, "food porn" as I like to say. This morning, I came up with this idea for a cupcake..which I'm sure exists already.

It's a chocolate cherry cupcake with vanilla cherry icing. I'm sure it would be cherry overload..but they are my food porn fantasies and I can have them!!

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Tashahart said...

Eww I dont like cherries, my weakness is my moms zebra cake which is whipcream(made with splenda) and chocolate wafers! or my aunts chocolate delight of choc.pudding and whipped cream oh so good! but yes everyone had a food porn i thin, johns is icecream I later found out ! lol