Sunday, April 27, 2008

Busy week ahead

It's Sunday and frankly, I'm a little grumpy. My weekend is coming to an end. I enjoyed the weekend by not leaving the house. As in, I parked my butt back the house on Friday afternoon and did not budge.

Monday will find me at water aerobics, seeing clients, and group supervision. My week is nuts because I feel guilty before I travel and end up scheduling too many clients. So don't expect too much from me in the way of the blog department.

Tuesday is the same, with me running aftercare group at Partial Hospitalization at Richland Springs. If I can make it to Thursday evening, I'll be golden.

Then on Friday, it's water aerobics, massage and home, home, home to pack. Then betterhalf and I are going to see Ironman.

Then this girl gets up very in 4:00 AM, to go get her Momzie and hit the road to Charlotte. Then from May 3rd-10th, I'll be on vacation. Enjoying my grammie, my cousin, making faces at Dub-ya in the White House, and enjoying Fractured Prune donuts. Woot!

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Tashahart said...

sounds like a busy week ahead. i too shall blog my schedule ! lol