Friday, November 30, 2007


Happy Friday, y'all!

Right now, I'm nursing my lips back to health from rehearsal last night with CCCB. I have no idea why they decided to lump all the music we normally perform in October into this concert but they have. Perhaps it was to give us the month of December off. All I know is that my mouth hurts! I've already told the guys I play with that they can expect my lips to fall off my mouth and roll around on the floor at Intermission. Which kind of sucks b/c I enjoy the Christmas music we're playing...will be hard to play with no chops but I'll do the best I can!

Anyhoo...I have two things left to get and then I'm done with my Christmas shopping! Woot! The kitties and I will be doing a major wrapping event this weekend. I had to venture to Racist Pig to get my friend K some sauce. I do dislike that place but I love K to pieces.

It's going to be a long day, my friends. I'm covering a group in Partial and seeing clients. Then a ~2 hour concert w/ CCCB this evening.No rest for the wicked!

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