Saturday, April 7, 2007

Wrap up A-to-Z Style

  • A is for: Amy Winehouse's Back to Black CD
  • B is for: Buttloads of candy at work because of the Easter Holiday
  • C is for: Cooler temps this weekend
  • D is for: Depression
  • E is for: Even though it's only been a month, I still can't believe Pap is gone.
  • F is for: "Fist to the higher power" moments
  • G is for: Gina getting robbed on American Idol. She was my favorite!
  • H is for: Holyshit, it's April already.
  • I is for: I feel okay with my body right now.
  • J is for: "Just for today, this moment, I can do this"
  • K is for: Kicked butt at Jazzercise this week
  • L is for: Longer time needed with my therapist
  • M is for: Much, much love from my baby kitties.
  • N is for: Not wanting to deal with complicated cases right now.
  • O is for:Outgrown, as in "my clients' have outgrown me." <-- It's a good thing.
  • P is for: Patience others have had with me.
  • Q is for: Quiet times in the morning.
  • R is for: Regretting that I didn't spent more time with my Pap Pap in the last 3 years.
  • S is for: Sibling Rivalry <- something I was interviewed about for Palmetto Parent Mag.
  • T is for: Tanning to help with depression.
  • U is for: Unimpressed with American Idol this season.
  • V is for: Vulnerable. Feeling really vulnerable right now.
  • W is for: White noise machine. Yes, I need another one for my office.
  • X is for: X is the symbol for Christian. Which I am, just not of much faith right now.
  • Y is for:"You have such a grace about you" <- a compliment from an AAP member.
  • Z is for:Zzzzzz well this week.

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