Monday, April 23, 2007

Day dreamin'....

I always encourage my clients to have fantasies. They are healthy.
Here is one of my current things I'm daydreaming about:

This Vera Bradley "Betsy" handbag in "Peacock".
One day, little cuite, you will be mine.

Little did my grandmother know that she would be starting a huge following of Vera Bradley when she gave me an old Vera that she found at a yardsale. It's an old pattern, "Tavern on the Green" that retired in 1997 in Villager format. Well, I carry that thing every where but I'm looking for something a little lighter since the weather is turning warmer. So if anyone wants to buy it for me, I'll love you forever! It's only $61.00!

And I daydream of a day where I can sit outside by Mama and Papa's pool and continue to read:

I've been looking at this series recently b/c they are frequently advertised in Guideposts. So...when I went to the Friends of Richland County Public Library Sale two weekends ago, I picked up literally every Mitford book I could get may grubby paws on. I managed to grab quite a few but they didn't have the first one. So I'm working on that right now from the library. It's a great read. Quiet, quaint, drama-free just like I like 'em.

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